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David Owen

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NLP Trainer, Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Alexander Teacher with 23 years experience.

I use a variety of techniques along with a positive attitude and a well-developed sense of humour to help you to resolve and rise above life’s problems and to become more and more the person you truly want to be – in other words to Excel Yourself!

I have been trained to NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner level with Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler, (the originator of NLP) and assisted them on many of their trainings. I also have extensive training in Hypnosis, Counselling, Coaching, Psychotherapy, Metaphor therapy, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the Alexander Technique.

I specialise in stopping people smoking, weight loss, dealing with phobias, panic attacks, relationship problems, jealousy, anger management, loss and bereavement, traumas, abuse, moods, depression and stress. I can boost your confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness and self-motivation and coach you in communicating with and motivating others.

I can help you to plan your life direction, set realistic goals and plan reliable ways of achieving them. I can also coach you in improving your performance in anything from workplace productivity to public speaking to darts and surfing!

I also teach the Alexander Technique.

I have used NLP to make it much easier to understand and very much quicker to learn and I am writing a book entitled ‘How to Loosen Up’ about this.

The Alexander Technique is a way to let go of background tension so as to relax and to stay relaxed well below the plateau level that most people think of as relaxation. This leads to much greater freedom and ease of movement and allows your natural poise and coordination to restore themselves. This in turn relieves stress on your muscles, bones and joints and improves your internal functioning.

However, the hidden gem at the core of the technique is a way to have far better choice. This is necessary to get around persistent habits that cause unnecessary tension, but it also helps us to stay far more calm, centred, emotionally and mentally clear and to make better decisions.

The technique is therefore good for dealing with back pain, neck and joint pains and many other aches, pains and physical problems. It is good for improving both physical and mental performance in sport, performing arts or any other activity. And it is excellent for pursuing your goals and making deep and lasting changes in your life.

I am passionate about my work. It is one of the world’s greatest privileges to be able to genuinely help people, especially when they achieve such great victories and breakthroughs in their lives.

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